Sample some of Mitchell's short stories:
Short Stories by
Mitchell Waldman

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My Life of Crime (Fiction Collective)
The Widow Across the Way (Wilderness House Lit Review)
Missing Pieces (Fiction on the Web)
Catching Up With Cartucci (eFiction Magazine)
The Ring (The Battered Suitcase)
Glass Slippers (new aesthetic)
Double Lives (Connotation Press)
The Miracle Man (Alfie Dog Fiction)
The Luck of the Angels (The Legendary)
A Better Place to Be (trans lit mag)
Chestnut Street (Red Fez)
The Duke of Broad Street (The Piker Press)
Throwing Stones (Greensilk Journal)
Listen: A Better Life is Coming (The Legendary)
Off the Road (Blue Ships Magazine)
Weapons of Mass Destruction (Litsnack)
The Nazi Next Door (Red Fez) previously appeared in Wind Magazine
Reaching for the Sky (Fiction on the Web)
Welcome to the Corporation (Troubadour 21)
The Man From New York (Down in the Dirt)
Honk for Jesus (The Big Stupid Review)
Some of these stories are available in
PETTY OFFENSES AND CRIMES OF THE HEART, Mitchell's story collection from Wind Publications.
The Alignment of the Planets (The Piker Press)
Sacrificial Rites (V.2) (The Fringe Magazine)
Millisecond (Eunoia Review)
Another Fish Story (WritingRaw)
Getting His Wings (The Piker Press)
Two Tons of Pig Manure (The Brooklyn Voice)
Tending The Dead (The Fine Line)
Fortunate Son (The Piker Press)
Brother's Return (Danse Macabre)
End of the World Sale (Crack the Spine)
Figment (Crack the Spine)
Tell Me Something I Don't Know (Foliate Oak Lit Mag)
Burning House (Random Sample)
Coffee at the Nirvana Cafe (Baby Lawn Literature)
Miracles Every Day (The Legendary)

New work in the
Twist of Fate (Corvus Review)