Coming this fall:

               Brothers, Fathers, and Other Strangers 
                                                 the new short story 
                                                      collection by 
                                                   Mitchell Waldman

Brothers, Fathers, and Other Strangers includes a series of stories about the members of a melded family headed by two parents who married after the death of one’s spouse and the other’s bitter divorce from her husband. These stories include examinations of the relationships in the family of stepbrothers from small children to adulthood, and their relationships with their stepparents and their natural parents, as well as the relationship of two adult blood brothers who haven’t seen each other in years, but are reunited at the death bed of their estranged father.

Also included is a series of stories about Hitler. These stories investigate Adolf in his garden, question what might have happened if he had emigated to the States before..., or if, after...he were confronted after escaping his bunker to a South American jungle. And what would happen if a man (a Jewish dentist, no less) started seeing images and hearing voices addressed to him as if he were the very reincarnation of the monster himself?

And there are stories about people in work environments, the people you work with. In a series of stories about work and its effects on individuals, you may begin to wonder if really know your fellow workers like you thought you did. What are their secret stories, what effect does the corporate atmosphere have on them and their personal lives both in their working days and when their working days are suddenly ended?

You'll also find storiesof how a moment suspended in time can change one’s life forever. And stories of people living lives of desperation and those desperately seeking better lives, looking for answers for what has happened to get them where they are.

In all there are 40 stories and flash fiction pieces in this  collection, many of which have been published in literary magazines, such as The MacGuffin, Down in the Dirt, Five Fishes Journal, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Random Sample, The Waterhouse Review, The Piker Press, Crack the Spine, Baby Lawn Literature, Milk Sugar, Kairos Literary Magazine, Corvus Review, Ginosko Literary Journal, Greensilk Journal, Fictive Dream, Litsnack, Spelk, Literally Stories, The Flash Fiction Press, The Fear of Monkeys, Crack the Spine, Baby Lawn Literature, Euonia Review, Writing Raw, The Legendary, Fiction on the Web, Furtive Dalliance, and Scarlet Leaf Review.

Coming in November. Stay tuned!