Poetry of Diana L. May-Waldman

   Silence of the World

Can you hear the planes?
See the babies
falling like rain?
Mother's rock empty arms
and tears dry unnoticed
their bodies burst
like colors of the sun
red glow at dawn
and their breasts ache
the bodies pile
in a heap
there is a silence
in the world
pretend that we can't hear
the screams
piercing cries
the shards of bone...
the Nazis are taking over
guilt spreading like disease
shaving my head
and labeling me a sinner...
fingers probing, jabbing
chanting liberal, liberal
while the smell of death
lives in their nostrils forever.
The Nazis are taking over
scratching, screaming
hurling and waving a flag
of my color.

     Satya and War

Moonlight, cold,
breathing ice 
our truths are spread
like crystals melting
where there is refusal
to bend or warm
fixed, fused and stern
we stand, asking
that all accept
one reality,
one reality without love
and a strong arm
Rocks lodged
jagged, scramble crawl
away from one another
clumps break into dust
and our hearts disappear
like a road drying.

Blind Servants Justifying War

ride out
their dreams
fighting a war
where there
are too many
and I can't,
I won't stand
beside you
a polished idol
licking your wounds
but instead
embrace you
and tell you
how sorry I am
and ask for your
I won't
and can't
the child
of our wombs
for this...
not for this
no, not for this,
not this war.
My God
not your God
is merciful,
and wouldn't ask
you to.
No, I won't hold
the Bible as a shield
hiding behind it
dodging the bullets
pretending I don't feel
the weight of their fall.
I won't stand between feather ends
and play cowboys and Indians
Democrats and Republicans
and kneel for your every word.
I want to bring you inside me
and me into you
attach us together
so we will remember
that we are brothers and sisters
woven together by the thread
of this nation.

        Last Love

A touch of your fingers

in a darkened room

angles of my body

meeting yours

this love

burden and bliss

animal and human heat

where you restore my appetite

hair falling at your feet

hands moving against the

back of your legs

tongue mood

roving there

trapped here in

the ambush

of your manhood

my lips breathing out

healing time

feasting on the liquid murmur

of honey-dew 

tongues of mulled wine

sliding fire between us

soaking us into the night

kiss me where I glisten

shake my blossom from its root

hold no mercy

for my hungry heart

I love you

I love you

whispering close to your ear

unfasten me

slip me down

bite my lip

and mark me

the woman 

of your heart.

 I Want to Wear You

I long to wear you
like the soft scent
of your cologne
wear you like
a velvet glove
wear you like
a memory
I want to be your shirt
feel you against my skin
cotton brushing
on my breasts
your collar
kissing my neck
sleeves wrapping
around me
the tail of your shirt
tucked between my legs
tickling the 
small of my back
the top of my thighs
I want to wear you
wear you,
rub against you
like a greedy cat
I want to wear you
to remind myself
just how beautiful
you make me feel.

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A Woman's Song by Diana May-Waldman