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is a novel that has critics
 and readers alike talking.
A FACE IN THE MOON, the debut novel by Mitchell Waldman,  has been receiving praise from critics and readers alike, such as Tulsa World reviewer, Patricia Ann Jones, who has called the story "a Shakespearean-like tale with a twist," has praised the author's "rich characterizations and deft narration," and has called Waldman "an author to watch." Harriet Klausner, the # 1-rated reviewer for, has called A FACE IN THE MOON a "very sweet tale" and "an emotionally deep story that takes the reader so deep inside a lonely, sad young man readers will hold their breath knowing that they cannot escape until the book is finished...." Ms. Klausner further said that "[w]ith more novels like his debut tale that demonstrates Mitchell Waldman['s] tremendous talent for genuine characters in real life settings, the author will not remain faceless for very long." 
     Other readers and reviewers have called the author "a talented writer with a keen sense of modern conflicts and a real talent for developing believable, sympathetic characters," and Waldman has been lauded for his "smooth narrative flow," "supple prose style" and his "adept psychological portraits of the main characters in the novel and others populating their world."


      The narrator, Jack Lohman, is an inexperienced twenty-two-year old, who was recently dumped by his first real girlfriend, and is soon to leave graduate school for who knows what. Enter Loni, a bright-eyed, free-spirited seventeen-year old who has had more than her share of experience. From the moment Jack meets Loni, his life begins to change. She teaches him how to laugh, and makes him feel, for perhaps the first time in his life, that he can be loved without judgment. Yet, ironically, it is Loni's harsh self-evaluation that paralyzes her at times, turning this carefree, uninhibited soul into a listless young woman who laments the days when life used to be more fun. 
     A FACE IN THE MOON is a story about two young lovers struggling to find each other and their ways in the world. And when a series of events keeps them apart longer than expected it becomes the story of whether their new love can survive the pressures of this unforeseen separation. 
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Here's what people have been saying about  
                  A FACE IN THE MOON 

From [the two protagonists,] two very different rebellious people, writer Waldman spins a Shakespearean-like tale with a twist. A story readers won't soon forget. . . The author fulfills the promise of his story. The emotional tides pull you first one way then the other. The rich characterizations and the deft narration all tend to hold the mind in awe as each heart tearing event transpires. . . you know these young people in this story. They are a part of your present, or your past. . . Mitchell Waldman is an author to watch. "A Face in the Moon" is just the beginning. Waldman's style, the grace with which his words flow through dark and troubling waters, offers each reader new hope even in the dark of the moon. I for one look forward to his next novel with great expectation. -- Patricia Ann Jones, Tulsa World/Critic's Corner  

A very sweet tale. A Face in the Moon is more than a coming of age story. Instead, it is an emotionally deep story that takes the reader so deep inside a lonely, sad young man readers will hold their breath knowing that they cannot escape until the book is finished. The story line focuses on the new love between Jack and Loni by leaving the audience to wonder if their relationship can survive the external attacks from friends and society and the internal battles caused by major insecurities. With more novels like his debut tale that demonstrates Mitchell Waldman's tremendous talent for genuine characters in real life settings, the author will not remain faceless for very long. -- Harriet Klausner, # 1 rated book reviewer for, at, among other places, 

Excellent read! Very highly recommended . . . This is a cannot put it down until I have finished the last chapter tale from the opening line right down to the last chapter. Mitchell Waldman has crafted a delightful offering in his presentation novel. . . . A FACE IN THE MOON is a well written, entertaining work. . . . Writer Waldman shows great talent for developing characters who are people you feel you know, then placing them in life settings we can all understand and believe. The struggle his Jack and Loni must battle is well crafted in this intriguing tale. Waldman applies skill in his flowing narrative complete with a skillful portrayal of their psychological grapplings. -- Molly Martin, author of The Inspector's Wife (as M.J. Hollingshead) SEE THE ENTIRE REVIEW AT THE REVIEWER'S SITE

At its heart, this coming of age tale is about the life of a young graduate student . . . and his relationship with a young seventeen-year-old. . . But it's more than just a romance. It's about Jack's search for meaning in his life -- it's about family expectations, misunderstandings and disappointments. It's also about self-discovery and Jack's need to find what he wants out of life, and his search to discover what that illusive thing is....Author Waldman obviously took his time finding and developing his main characters, and got to know them very well before he started writing. Reading A Face in the Moon is like sitting on Jack's shoulder, watching with invisible expectation as he slogs his way through a very troubled time, filled with uncertainties and doubts about his life, his love, and his soul. A fine read, and well worth your time. -- Denise M. Clark at The Road to Romance.

Although not my usual choice of fiction, I found A Face in the Moon an intense emotional, compelling read. . . .The characters in this are so believable, and the story still lingers in my mind even now that two other books have followed it. . . . This is a book that I think everyone could enjoy reading, no matter what their usual preferences. --

In A Face In The Moon, Mitchell Waldman creates an interesting character study of two lost souls. The two main characters, Jack and Loni, are richly drawn, multi-faceted people with complex issues that bring them together and pull them apart. . . . This novel is full of riches, atmosphere and scenery, plot, excellent dialogue, and strong but flawed main characters delighted the senses of this reader. Other reviewers have called A Face In The Moon, "A Catcher In The Rye grown up." That very well may be true. -- Michelle Tercha at Selling Writing Online

Mitchell Waldman is a talented writer with a keen sense of modern conflicts and a real talent for developing believable, sympathetic characters. -- Deborah Futter, Editor, Bantam Doubleday Dell 

A Face in the Moon is an intriguing piece of work. Waldman employs a smooth narrative flow, adept psychological portraits of Loni and Jack and others populating their world, and a supple prose style. -- Kathryn M. Lang, Editor, Southern Methodist University Press 

A Face in the Moon is intensely introspective and spans a spectrum of emotions from ecstasy to despair . . . it appears that Waldman intends to make an emotional connection with readers. That, he does well. It is a lengthy exploration of issues that sooner or later touch everyone. In that light, it's not so much a story to be told but rather a brief glimpse into the lives of a young man and woman struggling to find a place in life. It isn't about right and wrong but about perception and acceptance. About making the best choice with the cards you've been dealt and sometimes, just hoping you'll get a better hand tomorrow. -- P.J. Nunn, The Charlotte Austin Review 

A Face in the Moon . . . is a novel of the stresses about a quarter century ago of some "baby boomers" in finding their "heads" and landing on their feet while making decisions during college and shortly after . . . A Face in the Moon may be an eye-opener for readers not themselves of Jack Lohman's generation. Waldman's account of their wonderings and wanderings is detailed and his ear for their talk seems right . . . -- Bob Koch, WXXI-FM Radio 

Mitchell Waldman presents to us a story that has young people leading much older lives. It's a harsh reality to know that what's in this book happens in real life. Read this book with an open heart and mind. -- Lisa, The Book Review Cafe 

This book is a must read! Waldman's writing style is excellent. The characters were so real and fascinating I felt as if I were part of the story. Excellent use of imagery. The story line was so captivating I could not put the book down from start to finish. It is hard to believe this is Waldman's first book. I am recommending it to all my friends. -- Mark, reader from Naperville, IL 

Excellent writing -- Waldman's quality of writing is exceptional -- his narration is flawless and makes the novel a smooth and enjoyable read. Waldman is a natural!! I hope he will attempt a second novel. -- A reader from New York

A poignant tale of love -- "I can still see Sally standing there in the doorway in her short shorts, hands on her hips, saying, I don't think we should see each other anymore". Many questions were raised in my heart after reading the first line to this novel. The main one being, can a person love deeply and passionately, experience extreme brokenness and rise from the ashes of a shattered heart to love again? Amazingly, the conclusion I reached was yes! From the beginning of this book I was drawn into the psyche of Jack. I lived vicariously with him. I saw life through his eyes as if I were living it myself. Reading this novel made me want to live again, it made me want to taste, feel and have a love of my own to treasure. When I turned the last page and closed the cover of this book I came away with an appreciation of the beauty that is found in true love. That aching, yearning type of love in which you always want to make love at any time or place without thought to whether or not it is proper or convenient. The kind of love that consumes your thoughts and actions. It transcends all age barriers and embraces all those who dare to go into the unknown recesses of unselfish love. The author was very skilled in drawing the reader into the story, teasingly giving just enough to make your heart race and a slight fever rise. When you reached the climax of the novel you came away feeling immensely satisfied. I am impressed with Mr. Waldman's writing style. It speaks of a man at ease with himself and his own sexuality. I found that sex can be more than an action in a dark seedy room, sex can be a beautiful, transcending experience that happens between two people who love one another. The amazing thing is that it doesn't matter where it occurs, only that it takes place where there is love and affection between two human beings looking for meaning in this hellish world. I will read this book again and again, I believe that no matter how many times I read it, I will always come away with some deeper appreciation of the beauty of life. -- Periwinkle, an editor 

Holden Caulfield Grows Up? -- Just as J.D. Salinger gave us a picture of adolescence, Mitch Waldman provides us with a new view of relationships in post adolescence, brought to us again with that rare thing, a male voice. You thought it was only the female half of the human race who feels uncertain, neurotic, and deeply insecure about 'that guy you like.' Sadly, it seems that 'the guy' is in the same boat. Waldman gives us an exceptionally clear characterization, particularly for a new author, of a young man's harsh evaluation of himself and his place in the world. The sharp images presented in this novel will give the reader something to carry around in their head to muse over and to compare to their own life experience. While faced with somewhat exceptional (perhaps) experiences, the characters do a great job of portraying the common confusion of this age group. I would recommend this book without reservation as an insightful and helpful glance into our own struggles with other people in general and the opposite sex in particular. -- A reviewer, an editor, at Barnes and  

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